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Sociedades públicas

The public business sector of Navarra is composed of 16 public companies that form a sound, balanced and sustainable management model.

It is composed of more than 1,300 highly qualified professionals with many different profiles who are striving to provide a quality public service to the Navarre society to develop their activities in a wide range of sectors: consultancy, innovation and research in the primary sector; technological solutions; support of the business sector through loans, equity investments and granting of guarantees; telecommunications infrastructure and information technology; promotion of entrepreneurship; promotion of housing for sale or rent; purification of the waters discharged into the rivers; land information services (cartography); language development; management of cultural infrastructure, leisure and sports; forest management and environmental performance; information systems; promotion of industrial land; communication and citizen services; laboratory; land registry; management of tax debts, etc.

But what is a public company? Public companies are those in which the participation of the Regional Administration is directly or indirectly greater than 50%. In our case, we are 16 companies majority-owned by the Government of Navarra. Also, CPEN directly or indirectly participates with a minority share in more than 70 companies (not considered public companies in not exceeding the above-mentioned 50%).

Let's learn more about the public companies of the Government of Navarra.

Logotipo CAT
Vivienda y urbanismo
Logotipo CEIN
Desarrollo empresarial
Logotipo CNAI
Logotipo CPEN
Desarrollo empresarial
Logotipo GAN-NIK
Medio ambiente
Logotipo INTIA
Agricultura y ganadería
Servicios tecnológicos y modernización
Vivienda y urbanismo
Cultura, deporte y ocio
Logotipo NILSA
Medio ambiente
Logotipo POSUSA
Medio ambiente
Logotipo SALDOSA
Logotipo SODENA
Desarrollo empresarial
Logotipo START UP
Desarrollo empresarial
Logotipo TRACASA
Servicios tecnológicos y modernización
Servicios tecnológicos y modernización