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Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra, S.L.

Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra, S.L. (Sodena) is the Government of Navarra's instrument to capture and develop business projects of added value for Navarra, as well as to coordinate the design and implementation of the regional Smart Specialisation Strategy that fosters collaboration, growth and competitiveness, contributing to regional development and the creation of quality employment.

Its activity is focused on investing in business projects, both local and attracted from abroad, supporting them financially through participation in share capital and participating loans. These projects must be linked to Navarra, contributing actively and meaningfully to the balanced and sustained development of the region. Also, it provides technical support which consists in the coordination, support and liaison with investors and companies, providing any support they might need in order to locate their projects in Navarra.

CPEN participation: 100%
Avda. Carlos III el Noble, 36, 1º Dcha
31003 Pamplona (Navarra)
Tlf.: 848 421942 ·Fax: 848 421943
@sodenavarra | LinkedIn