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The Contractor Profile is a space created to directly access information regarding the contractual activity of public companies of the Government of Navarra, which is located, along with the other entities subject to the Regional Law of Public Contracts, in the Procurement Portal of the Government of Navarra (official medium for the advertising of tenders in the Regional Community).

In the CPEN Contractor profile you can find information on:

Tender notices and award

To search tender notices published by public companies, click here –in Spanish-. Then, complete the "Contracting entity" field with the name of the company of interest (see list of names below).

Also, to search published awards click here –in Spanish- and fill in the "Contracting entity" or "Tax ID" field corresponding to the company of interest, according to the following list:

  • Ciudad Agroalimentaria de Tudela, S.L. (B31958606)
  • Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación de Navarra, S.L. (B71069876)
  • Centro Navarro de Autoaprendizaje de Idiomas, S.A. (CNAI) (A31709587)
  • Corporación Pública Empresarial de Navarra, S.L.U (B71018360)
  • Gestión Ambiental de Navarra, S.A. (A31112501)
  • Instituto Navarro de Tecnologías e Infraestructuras Agroalimentarias, S.A. (A31864572)
  • Navarra de Servicios y Tecnologías, S.A. (NASERTIC) (A31098064)
  • Navarra de Suelo y Vivienda S.A. (NASUVINSA) (A31212483)
  • Navarra de Infraestructuras de Cultura, Deporte y Ocio, S.L. (B31931959)
  • Navarra de Infraestructuras Locales, S.A. (NILSA) (A31243702)
  • Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra, S.L. (B71069868)
  • Trabajos Catastrales, S.A. (A31112121)
  • Tracasa Instrumental S.L. (B71280689)

Official Tenderers Registry

In the Voluntary Tenderers Registry of the Regional community of Navarra companies, cooperatives and employee-owned companies interested in competing in tenders called by public companies may register.

The service aims to avoid the repeated submission of the same certificate in the various procedures. It is basically the electronic operation of Certificates issued by the Board of Public Procurement, provided together with an affidavit certifying their validity, which shall exempt the bidder from providing any other document on their personality and representation that may be required in all those tenders for public companies.

In case you are interested in registration, click here.

Licitación electrónica

In the near future it will be mandatory to submit tenders and requests to participate in the tenders of public companies through the e-Tendering Platform of Navarra (PLENA), official medium (web tool) under the auspices of the Board of Public Procurement of Navarra.

All the documentation relevant to tenders under way shall be submitted at the e-tendering platform of Navarra with guaranteed confidentiality until the time of its opening; the contracting authority shall be contacted to perform any amendments or clarifications to the offer requested thereby and the public opening of the bids shall take place when the procedure so requires, becoming for all the purposes of public procurement, an electronic office and auxiliary registry for all entities subject to the application of this Regional Law.

As soon as PLENA is available, it may be accessed directly from the Procurement Portal.


For any clarification or questions regarding the Procurement Portal of Navarra, you can seek assistance at the cRecruitment Portal Help Centre –in Spanish-.

We hope you find it interesting.