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Gestión Ambiental de Navarra, S.A.
Nafarroako Ingurumen Kudeaketa

GESTION AMBIENTAL DE NAVARRA S.A (GAN-NIK) (GAN-NIK) (Environmental management of Navarra) was created in July 2012. Since 1982 the company and its predecessors have been providing services to help improve the environment in Navarra.

Our Mission is to help to protect and improve the environment while maintaining a high level of information and knowledge, through monitoring and evaluation of plans, programmes, projects and actions, as well as through the development of direct improvement and promotion actions, including the management of spaces, promoting collaboration and mutual responsibility to achieve this common goal.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the company, which is under the Administration Sector, shall be subject to the rules laid down in the L. F 8/2009 18 June, of creation of the company Corporación Pública Empresarial de Navarra, S.L.U. (Public Business Corporation of Navarra).

We want to move forward to ensure the sustainability and viability of the company; and to position the company as a benchmark in the environmental area, ensuring its social relevance; to improve the ability of companies to adapt to changes in the public context and policies; and enhancing the functionality by establishing an agile structure that properly manages talent.

The values of GAN-NIK reflect our clear desire to achieve transformation through our commitment, collaboration, and team work. Also our desire for progress in the efficiency and the professionalism and quality of company services and in the use of public resources. But above all, our values reflect our commitment to ethics, integrity and exemplarity, our desire to contribute to the common well-being and our willingness to serve the environmental improvement for future generations. All this while respecting diversity, equality and non-discriminatory treatment.

CPEN participation: 100%
Padre Adoáin 219 bajo
Tlf.: 848 420 700