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Logotipo NICDO


Navarra de Infraestructuras de Cultura, Deporte y Ocio, S.L.

Navarra de Infraestructuras de Cultura, Deporte y Ocio (NICDO) (Navarre Infrastructure of Culture, Sport and Leisure) directly manages the Palace of Congresses and Baluarte Auditorium of Navarra, the Planetarium of Pamplona and the Larra-Belagua Ski Territory and exerts general control on the outsourced management of the Trade Fair premises of Navarra (Managed by REFENA, SL) and the Navarra Circuit (Managed by Los Arcos MotorSport- LAMS). NICDO develops the management work of the Film Library of Navarra and the Navarra Film Commission and develops programming and cultural production services, communication and management for the Baluarte Foundation, an independent entity responsible for own programming of the Baluarte Auditorium, the Symphonic Orchestra of Navarra and the co-production of Festivals of Dance, Theatre, Films and Music of the Directorate General of Culture of the Government of Navarra.

NICDO's mission includes the development and implementation of a joint strategy for culture, sports and leisure centres under its area of responsibility with the aim of an optimum generation of economic and social impact in Navarra through an economically sustainable growth of culture, tourism, sports, conferences or meetings (MICE), bringing the regional community of a first-class cultural and global offer in terms of genres and audiences, the promotion of scientific outreach and the literacy in new technologies.

The NICDO project is based on four basic pillars, typical of good corporate governance:

  • Management efficiency, measured in terms of self-financing capacity: the generation of operating profit (EBITDA) able to cover the necessary investments for the development of the business
  • Committed to quality, environmental management, sustainability and social responsibility through accreditation and the assumption of best practices; within a scheme of continuous improvement
  • Excellence in human resources
  • Customer satisfaction

The effective development of NICDO's mission necessarily requires generation and maintenance of areas of public-private partnership, being part of cooperation networks and Partnerships with similar Centres nationally and internationally and the necessary cooperation with institutions and economic agents and regional development bodies, nationally and internationally.

NICDO will be responsible for the construction, commissioning and management of the new multifunctional pavilion Navarra Arena, whose inauguration is planned at the end of 2018, following the agreement with the Government of Navarra in March 2017.

CPEN participation: 100%


Plaza del Baluarte s/n
31002 Pamplona (Navarra)
Tel. +34 948 06 60 66 • Fax. +34 948 06 60 77


Carretera Isaba / Francia, Km. 55
31417 Isaba (Navarra)
Tel. +34 948 394 062


Paseo Antonio Pérez Goyena, 3
31008 Pamplona (Navarra)
Tel. +34 848 42 47 59


Paseo Antonio Pérez Goyena, 3
31008 Pamplona (Navarra)
Tel. +34 848 42 47 59


C/ Sancho Ramírez s/n
31008 Pamplona (Navarra)
Tel. +34 948 26 26 28 • Fax. +34 948 26 19 19


Gestionado por REFENA S.L.
Avda. Guipúzcoa s/n.
31012 Pamplona (Buztintxuri), Navarra.
Tel. +34 948 13 61 36


Gestionado por Los Arcos MotorSport LAMS
Calle Malvasía, 5
31210 Los Arcos, Navarra
Tel. +34 948 64 03 50