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Potasas de Subiza

Potasas de Subiza, S.A. (POSUSA) was established in 1985 and a year later started business in the development and sale of mineral fertilisers, primarily potash, and chemicals and metal products from potassium and sodium salts.

In 1997 NAFINCO (integrated in the current SODENA) acquired all of the shares, being the sole shareholder of the company since then.

Today, after the completion of its operational activities, the company's main business has been the management of their assets and the environmental recovery of its facilities. POSUSA owns 76% of the share capital of Salinas de Navarra, S.A., in charge of the production and marketing of sodium salts, through which it is carrying out the environmental recovery of a part of the damage produced by the former potash mines in the Pamplona basin.

SODENA participation: 100%
Polígono La Serna, Calle D
31500 Tudela (Navarra)
Tel. +34 948 41 57 07 · Fax. +34 948 41 57 06