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Navarra de Infraestructuras Locales, S.A.

NILSA is a public company whose mission is wastewater treatment, collaboration in the water supply with all the relevant entities and the management of urban waste.

NILSA was created in 1989 as an instrument to manage the implementation of the Environmental Sanitation Plan of the Rivers in Navarra, approved in 1988. Currently, it is responsible for the proper implementation of the plan and engages in all issues derived therefrom, such as its updating in the framework of the National Plan of Water Quality, Environmental Sanitation and Purification; the treatment of the resulting sludge or advisory services to those agencies and entities that so require.

Since 2016 the Master Plan of the Integrated Water Cycle of Urban Use 2019-2030 is being prepared, which will be the major instrument of Navarra to fight against climate change in water issues, and it aims to provide the Community with a unified strategy in this field, from water collection to its return to the river once refined.

Since 2007, NILSA forms part of the Waste Consortium of Navarra as a manager. Its goal is to achieve that waste in the community is managed and treated in an optimal way and in accordance with all existing regulations, with a special interest in the guidelines from the European Union.

CPEN participation: 100%
Avda. Barañáin 22
31008 Pamplona (Navarra)
Tlf.: 848 430 800