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Salinas de Navarra

Salinas de Navarra is the largest producer of salt vacuum of Spain. Our factory produces each year 160,000 tonnes of salt intended for water treatment (swimming pools, dishwashers, decalcifying etc.), food industry (sausages, canned food, broths, etc.), industry (electrochemistry, electrolysis, dyes, perfumes, etc.) and even human consumption (table salt).

It is a high quality mineral salt entirely produced in our facilities where the finished product is packed and stored for our customers.

The company was established in 1977 in Beriain (Navarra) taking advantage of the saline resources resulting from the activity of the company Potasas de Subiza (POSUSA). Salinas de Navarra thus fulfils a double objective: to produce purified salt from that mineral and to provide a value-added environmental aspect to its activity.

POSUSA Participation: 76%
Pol. Ind. Meseta de Salinas-Gezaurre C/B, nº10.
31191 Beriain (Navarra)
Tlf.: 848 430 447 · Fax. 848 430 452